ACKC Medical Director

ACKC Appoints Medical Director

ACKC is proud to announce the appointment of Dr. Kenneth Youner as Medical Director of our organization. Dr. Youner, who is a 6-year survivor of stage IV kidney cancer, is a gastroenterologist by training and has had 30 years practical experience in his field. In the area of kidney cancer advocacy, Dr. Youner has been an advisor to ACKC since 2005. Among his other advocacy activities, in 2008, he served as a Super Advocate to the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship and testified before Congressional health aides in Washington, DC on NCCS’s behalf. He serves as New Jersey State Delegate to the Livestrong Lance Armstrong Foundation and has participated in several bicycle rides to support their work. Dr. Youner is also an active member of the Association of Online Cancer Resources (ACOR) listserv providing medical advice to kidney cancer patients and caregivers. Finally, Dr. Youner has represented ACKC in our recent lobbying campaign in Washington to urge Congress to appropriate additional funding for kidney cancer research.

As Medical Director of ACKC, Dr. Youner will review kidney cancer research proposals for possible funding by ACKC. Since being diagnosed with metastatic kidney cancer himself, Dr. Youner has dedicated considerable time reviewing the most current information in the medical literature, on the diagnosis, treatment and research of kidney cancer. Dr. Youner’s background and medical training put him in a unique position to assist ACKC in evaluating research proposals and, to report on the latest developments in therapeutic advances in the field.