ACKC Supports Kidney Cancer Awareness Month

by Staff on March 24, 2011

Despite being the 8th most common cancer, and one of the few cancers with an increasing rate of incidence, kidney cancer receives minimal funding from the government to support research into finding a cure for the disease. Today there is still only one FDA-approved treatment that aims at a cure. This treatment is not widely available and has a low response rate. More effective drugs and other therapies to screen and treat metastatic kidney cancer are desperately needed.

ACKC asks for your support. Please send a message to your elected officials in Congress, asking them to co-sponsor H. Res. 166, which designates March 2011 as “National Kidney Cancer and Kidney Health Awareness Month. You can do so by clicking here.

We believe this first step will go a long way toward increasing awareness of kidney cancer, helping to generate private donations to support research as well as encourage Congress to give more equitable funding to kidney cancer research.

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    Great idea, many thank


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