Arrival Kansas City

by Pat Todd on June 28, 2015

First of all, I forgot to mention the gorgeous Stella Dora Lilies in North Carolina — thousands upon thousands of them along the highways, at every intersection. The wild flower of the day today was Blacked Eyed Susans — everywhere!

More interesting towns in southern Illinois today on our 450 mile drive from Paducah to Kansas City. Odessa, Napoleon, Wellington, Knob Knoster (?) and my favorite, EMMA (my grandaughter’s name). Lake Lottawanna and Lake Tapawingo — I thought those were keepers.

I love to drive, so this has been a great trip. And Brenda seems to enjoy navigating. The traffic continues to be pretty solid, and the drivers courteous. Someone passed me on the right for the first time today, after 1,700 miles. We experienced the land of Big Sky today, and the endless road stretching to the horizon. The landscape is dotted with Fireworks supermarkets and billboards advertising adult stores (!) at countless exits. It’s only 80 to 90 degrees, most comfortable until the humidity rises.

I had dinner with Bee Tuttle and her son Kevin this evening, old friends from Pittsburgh. Bee and I were playmates in the 1940s. We went to a local ice cream store “Elbow” for dessert that is the BEST in the country, they say. It’s all the rage.

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