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Challenges Filling the Prescription

by Alan the CPA on January 10, 2015

Upon return from France in September, I changed oncologists, with my new oncologist placing a prescription for Sutent, on October 27, 2014, at a local pharmacy with whom he had previously worked. The pharmacy called me a week later stating that Pfizer was out-of-stock, and they again called me the following day to say that under the direction of my insurance carrier the prescription would need to be transferred to a “Specialty Pharmacy.” I spoke with my insurance carrier who recommended transferring the prescription to Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy. A week later Walgreens called and stated that they had transferred the prescription to Accredo Specialty Pharmacy. Accredo assured me that they had all the paper work/authorizations needed and that the prescription would be filled in 24-48 hours. Two weeks passed and Accredo called to inform that they were transferring the prescription to CureAScript Specialty Pharmacy, which told me that the prescription would be shipped within 24 hours. Sounds familiar. A few days later I started receiving robocalls from CureAScript saying that they were working on the prescription, but the call back number they provided kept disconnecting me while I was on hold. Then progress, I received a phone call requesting confirmation of my insurance information. But, still no prescription,  so I researched the companies and found that Accredo and CureAScript were both owned by ExpressScripts, which I then reached out to, and they assured me that the prescription would be filled. This conversation occurred on December 31, 2104. The medication arrived January 5, 2015. I immediately commenced the drug regimen.

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