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Day 52

by Alan the CPA on February 26, 2015

In the middle of he second week of my third two week cycle of Sutent. Side effects are still well tolerated. Acne and skin irritations have been decreasing, and are not as much an issue. Occasional queasy feelings from nausea, responds well to Ondansetron (Zofran) which was first prescribed to me two years ago when I was hospitalized and unable to hold any food down. Problem at that time was the taking of this medication was causing me to vomit, thankfully not having the same experience presently. Still from two years ago have not regained strength that I lost during brain surgery recovery and six months of hospitalization. A lot of my problem I suspect is mental as my balance from lack of strength leaves much to be desired. I don’t believe I ever mentioned that I have sciatic neuropathy in my left foot which presents itself in constant pins and needles, an annoyance, and I suspect leads to decreased sense of balance. The condition first emerged during my IL-2 treatment, and tests at the time revealed that I had sustained damage to my sciatic nerve during the IL-2 treatment. Still plan on having scans during March to determine if Sutent is having it’s desired result. I am very much fatigued and sleeping many more hours than I had previously. Starting to look ahead to baseball season and tickets for the US Open (we’re big tennis fans), I have also been thinking about maybe taking a holiday during the warmer months that would not be physically taxing. Best suggestion is a cruise, but we don’t like cruising, especially on the mega-ships, just too many people. Starting to look at some of the smaller, exclusive cruise lines, but have to play this through with my wife, as they are twice as expensive.

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