Federal Funding for Cancer

by Jay Bitkower on December 1, 2016

We did an analysis of the U.S Federal funding for the top 18 cancer types as a ratio of dollars spent versus the cancer type’s incidence and mortality rates. 

For dollars spent per incidence, brain cancer came out on top at $7,686 per incidence, followed by ovarian ($5,010) and leukemia ($4,545). Kidney cancer was in 14th place at $613 per incidence. For dollars spent per mortality, breast cancer came out on top at $15,842 per mortality with melanoma ($13,526), brain ($12,548), and thyroid ($12,207) ranking 2nd-4th. Kidney cancer ranked 12th at $2,827.

For Federal funding we used the National Cancer Institute and the Department of Defense’s Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs for the latest year that both department’s funding amounts were available (2014) and used incidence and mortality rates for that year. See Funding for the results for the top 18 cancer types.

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