Melanoma — or just another Twitter scandal??

by Dena Battle, caregiver on June 8, 2011

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Heading up to Johns Hopkins for the biopsy of Chris’ mole Wednesday, he was still trying to stick to his story. The photos of his mole that looked unnervingly like melanoma were everywhere. He had been tweeting them, I was sure of it. When Chris got off the phone with Congressman Anthony Wiener after thanking him for his advice, I grew even more suspicious.

Oh, no, Chris insisted. No, he hadn’t taken those photos and tweeted them. His Twitter account had been hacked. It was a joke, a prank.

“Who cares if you were hacked? Is that your mole or not?” I demanded.

“I can’t verify – I mean, it could be anybody’s mole. Somebody could have manipulated that photo,” he stammered back.

Then he tried to turn the tables: “You should be ashamed, asking me if I’d take photos of my mole and tweet them.”

It started to work, and I began to doubt myself – until we got to the Dermatology Surgery Division and met Dr. Wang (yes, that’s his real name). Then, he could deny it no longer. Turns out, Chris had been sending pictures of his moles to any nurse or doctor at Johns Hopkins who had a Twitter handle. When he pulled out his iPhone and started flipping through pictures of his mole, how it had grown and turned color – Dr. Wang just waved his hand and said, “I’ve seen these already.”


I’m asking Nancy Pelosi to launch an investigation of Chris while she’s investigating Congressman Wiener.

In the meantime, we’ll wait to get the pathology report back from the biopsies of the two moles that Dr. Wang took. We should know something within a week; however, he encouraged us greatly by saying he was pretty confident that the moles were seborrheic keratoses. As we tried to pronounce that in our heads, he took pity on us and called them “SKs.”

Turns out that SKs are notorious for looking exactly like melanoma, and cause an awful lot of people an awful lot of anxiety (and biopsies). But the good news is that they are not malignant. We’re hopeful this is indeed the answer, and we’ll know for sure very soon. But we feel good about it.

And now that Chris has finally admitted to his mole-sharing indiscretions – we can all move on.

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