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by Pat Todd on June 24, 2015

The concert went well yesterday.

Bryan and his twins, Isabel and Jack, put programs on all of the seats, and set up the refreshment tables with lots of ice for wine and cold drinks, a lot of yummy cookies, and crunchy nuts.

During our program, Brenda and I had enough Uncle Sam hats with us to be able to give a hat to both Isabel and Jack to wear while we played our Yankee Doodle Suite. When we played Yankee Doodle, we also wore big Uncle Sam hats. For the Bach Fugue part, I donned a very large dark brown curly wig. For Beethoven, Brenda put on an outrageously askew wig. For Chopin, I wore an elegant black top hat, and for the Debussy section, we both wore berets. The wigs and hats added just the right amount of levity to the program — fun fun fun.

The pianos were VERY nice Steinway grands nesting in the middle of the concert hall with rows of chairs all around us.

Because of the storm, it wasn’t a sell out crowd, but everyone enjoyed themselves. Joan Smith’s brother John Michaels and his wife Carol were there!

Bryan gave a brief  talk about his experience with kidney cancer, and we all hung out afterwards.

CH Audience 610px

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