Urologists and Oncologists in NYC Who Service Kidney Cancer Patients

Learning that you have kidney cancer can be overwhelming and terrifying. After the diagnosis, finding the right physician to deal with your treatment and aftercare is important and will help ensure your physical and emotional well being. With help from a grant from the Fund for the City of New York, ACKC has put together a guide to physicians in New York City who specialize in treating kidney cancer patients.

The guide is broken down into two categories, urologists and oncologists. In the vast majority of cases, a diagnosis of kidney cancer results in the patient having a nephrectomy, which is the removal of all or part of the affected kidney. This surgery is performed by a urologist. Once the kidney is removed and tests are performed to determine whether the cancer has spread (metastasized), you will either need treatment, in the case of metastasis, or life long follow-up. If there is a metastasis, a medical oncologist usually guides the post-operative care.

You are the best judge of which doctor is best for you, based on the information provided here (hospital affiliation, location, etc.) and the rapport you establish in a face-to-face visit. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of any physician you decide to see, including treatment modalities he/she recommends. Talking to other kidney cancer patients can be most helpful and reassuring. The more information you have, the better will be your decisions about who should provide your treatment and what it should be.

Note that there are two lists, one for urologists and the second for oncologists.

Those of you who are from the New York area, or who have researched kidney cancer specialists, will realize that not every urologist and oncologist who treats kidney cancer patients in New York City is included in this list. That is for one of two reasons. Either, the physicians was known to us but failed to provide his/her information despite multiple requests, or, he or she is simply unknown to us. In either case, if you are aware of doctor who specializes in kidney cancer that you believe belongs on this list, please ask him or her to contact ACKC by phone or through the website. We will be happy to update the resource list as new information becomes available.


The names of doctors on these two lists are not recommendations by ACKC but are doctors who have been identified by ACKC as having treated kidney cancer patients, either as urologists or as oncologists. ACKC is not responsible for the quality of their treatment and shall have no liability as a result of your choice of doctor or your reliance on the information on this list, which was either supplied to us or verified by the physicians themselves. We advise patients to interview more than one doctor before choosing your specialty care physician.