Useful Links

Steve Dunn’s Cancer Guide:

This is the most comprehensive site targeted to a cancer patient’s needs to be found anywhere. It was developed by a 16-year survivor of kidney cancer and the founder of the kidney cancer listserv Kidney-ONC.

VHL Family Alliance:

This organization serves those individuals and families stricken by Von Hippel- Lindau disease, a mostly inheritable genetic disease that often manifests kidney tumors.

Birt Hogg Dubè Family Alliance:

This organization supports families stricken by the genetic syndrome called Birt Hogg Dubè, which can include metastatic kidney cancer.

Kidney Cancer Canada:

Kidney Cancer Canada is a patient-led support and advocacy organization whose mission is to increase awareness about kidney cancer and provide timely information to patients and caregivers facing a diagnosis of kidney cancer. Kidney Cancer Canada plays a
key support and advocacy role in Canada working with rcc specialists across the country.

National Cancer Institute (NCI):

The NCI’s kidney cancer page with an index into their programs, documents, research activities, etc. relating to kidney cancer.

American Cancer Society (ACS):

For a view for ACS’s cancer statistics publications, download one of their reports. Their basic report, “Cancer Facts and Figures” contains projected incidence and mortality figures for each cancer type.

Cancer Care:

Provides support services to cancer patients, caregivers, and families, and limited financial aid.

Seeds of Joy Foundation:

Founded by Gerald White, a 15-year survivor of stage 4 kidney cancer, this site presents his program of guided imagery as a complementary approach to medical therapy to activate the immune system to fight ones cancer.

American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO):

The ASCO Annual Meeting is the major oncology conference in the world with over 29,000 attendees, half of them from foreign countries.

This is the survivorship arm of ASCO, and deals with both general survivorship issues and describes features of specific cancer types including kidney cancer.