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Day 52

by Alan the CPA on February 26, 2015

In the middle of he second week of my third two week cycle of Sutent. Side effects are still well tolerated. Acne and skin irritations have been decreasing, and are not as much an issue. Occasional queasy feelings from nausea, responds well to Ondansetron (Zofran) which was first prescribed to me two years ago when I was hospitalized and unable to hold any food down. Problem at that time was the taking of this medication… More →

Day 41

by Alan the CPA on February 15, 2015

It’s now February 15, and I have now completed my second full Sutent cycle of two weeks on and one week off. So far the side effects are being well tolerated. I am being hit with occasional bouts of nausea, which has just been nausea and thankfully, nothing else. These bouts come and go without warning and last just a few minutes, the worst being when they wake me at night. I have been carrying… More →

Day 28

by Alan the CPA on February 2, 2015

It’s now February 2nd, and I’m now on my fourth week of Sutent, and in light of my previous prescription problems, I called CureAScript for a refill, this was another adventure, as the phone call to refill the prescription took thirty-three minutes. Saw my oncologist on Friday, my blood labs are fine, especially kidney and liver functions and red blood cell counts. I find the Sutent side effects to be quite tolerable, the only effects… More →

Day 23

by Alan the CPA on January 28, 2015

This past Monday, January 26th, I started my second 2-week course of Sutent. So far side effects have been very tolerable and nothing I can’t live with. Only thing bothering me right now is very slight nausea, some itching, acne eruptions on face, neck and chest, some loss of taste. I had blood drawn the other day and have an appointment with my cancer doc on Friday. We encourage you to share your story or… More →

Day 14

by Alan the CPA on January 19, 2015

Completed first 14-day course of Sutent. So far very tolerable. Now have a week off. Side effects: nausea which has responded well to Zofran, some lost of taste, skin is getting dry and a little blotchy especially after showering. Blood pressure has been constant, and I have lost 3 pounds.

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  1. March 03, 2015 at 3:20 pm, Sara Mears said:

    Thank you for sharing your experiences Alan.


  2. April 05, 2015 at 12:51 am, Bekah said:


    My Dad has been on sutent now for almost 28 days. He is on 50MG. We just met with the doctor, and he said because he is not having very many side effects, they are going to increase to 62.5MG and has been saying those that can have a higher dose have a better outcome.

    I have read that the immunotherapy trials that have been going on are showing as very promising and my Dad’s nurse said that this will become available in the very near future.. but from what I have read this still isn’t a cure in most cases. Have you learned anything different from your doctor? When were you diagnosed? Did you have your kidney removed? Did your cancer move?

    My Dad had his left kidney out in July 2014 and in December 2014 they found that it ended up moving to his Lungs and Liver.


    • May 03, 2015 at 4:20 pm, Alan the CPA said:

      Bekah, it is good hearing from you, and good luck to your dad. I was first diagnosed back in September, 2000, so you might say that I’ve had quite a run. In 2001, I underwent immunotherapy, IL-2, which knocked the cancer into remission. I originally had my left kidney removed as well as my spleen, with additional mets in both lungs which responded to the IL-2, and I remained cancer free for 10 years, then 2 years ago I developed a kidney cancer brain tumor, which was surgically removed, and then developed mets in my pancreas, for which I am on Sutent therapy, 50 mg, the side effects have not been debilitating, though the nausea is very uncomfortable. There are some new immuno drugs in the pipeline, which are referred to pd-1 and pd-L1 therapy. Don’t know the time frame as to when they will be available, but they have already been fast tracked for some cancers, but not as yet for kidney. The only drug that I am aware of that can cure is IL-2, the Sutent is not a cure, but a delaying agent, and hopefully the pd-L1 drugs may offer a cure. Good luck once again, and keep reaching out for whatever information you can get your hands on.

      — Alan the CPA


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