En Route to North Carolina

by Pat Todd on June 25, 2015

I continue to write (and backdate) from Paducah, KY, on Saturday night because I was in Chapel Hill Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday without Wi-Fi!

After spending two nights with Bryan and Marisa and the children in Philadelphia, we drove to Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill on Wednesday, and enjoyed an uneventful day on the highways around Washington and Richmond. Route 85 was particularly beautiful, through the woods for miles and miles, practically alone on the road. Brenda’s GPS was a great help, and the rental car is pretty nice. It’s a 2015 Chrysler, 4 door, black, with an amazing amount of zippitydoodah. It has a button on the dash to start it, and a knob next to the cup holder between the seats to shift into drive and park. The emergency brake is a little button next to that. I like it.

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