On the Road

by Pat Todd on June 23, 2015

We arrived in Philadelphia just before rush hour yesterday after a long day on the road getting used to driving a big Chrysler rental, plus two long stops — the first in Englewood for lunch, where we drove past Ken Youner’s house for old times sake. (Ken is former Medical Director of ACKC.)

Bryan Lewis (Executive Director of ACKC), Marissa and the twins, 8-year-old Isabel and Jackson, greeted us warmly. After settling in, we all made pizza from scratch for dinner, along with an enormous spinach salad, and dined outside. Did I mention how hot and humid it was yesterday, June 22? Brenda and I had brought the lunch doggie bag — half of an enormous hamburger from lunch — that we thought would enhance the pizza. But Ben, the very tall puppy, had better ideas for that burger when our backs were turned.

This morning we all walked to Chestnut Hill Academy to check out the venue. Here is a photo to give you an idea of great expectations.

Chestnut Hill Venue 610px

Brenda and I played through our program while Isabel, Jack, and Bryan set programs on all the chairs and set up the refreshment area. The only thing missing was light on our music. Bryan went home and drove back with a couple of standing floor lamps. It reminded me of our band job playing in Lanphier Cove with band stand lights, twinkie lights overhead, and a standing floor lamp on the neighborhood basketball court.

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