Violent Storm Doesn’t Stop the Show

by Pat Todd on June 23, 2015

Our concert in Chestnut Hill this evening evening was a lot of fun, and we reached a lot more people than expected. Bryan Lewis took care of ALL of the details. All we had to do was arrive at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy and play.

Unfortunately, a MAJOR thunderstorm hit Philadelphia around 6:30, downing trees all over, and knocking out power. Kudos to everyone who ventured out in support of ACKC in spite of the bad weather!

I had gone to the school with Bryan at 5:00 to attend a kidney cancer support group meeting until 7:00. There were 12 of us around the table, and I was so wishing that I had had a tape recorder going. Each took a turn introducing him or herself, and then giving a brief description of their experiences with kidney cancer, trials, doctors, surgeons. And no two stories were remotely alike. It made me even MORE aware of the fact that there are at least 16 different kinds of kidney cancer. It also spurred me on to do as much as I can to raise funds and lobby for funding for kidney cancer research.

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